SPIRIT BEAST handle glue


Name: SPIRIT BEAST handle glue

Quantity: A pair of prices

Applicable: 22mm faucet handle

Material: TPR plastic raw materials

Features: Highly resilient TPR plastic material with reversible deformation, elastic at room temperature, under the action of a small external force can produce large deformation, remove the external force to restore the original state, the product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, no deformation, with Toughness, easy to break! 3D protruding design, effectively prevent slippers, affect the brakes, high-quality colloids to build, to reduce the long-term wear tired tired! The

Installation recommendations: If the handle is relatively large, difficult to put into the time, you can use detergent to help, so set into the easier!

Tips: due to the display, shooting and other factors, may lead to a slight color, the color of the higher requirements of buyers carefully shot!

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