Southeast PA riders

Southeast PA riders?

Any SE PA riders here? I am in Warminster.

  • Do any trackdays with TPM?

    I'm up in the Scranton/W-B area.

  • I haven't done any track days at all. I would like to do one but I don't want to have to get track gear and change stuff on the bike. I would like to just get out on a track on my own to sharpen my riding skills.

  • You really wouldn't need to change anything on the bike. Just dial in your suspension and make sure have a good set of tires w/75% tread or better. As for gear you could rent a race suit.

  • I have about 4,200 miles on the bike now and I have to replace the rear tire already from one riding season. I had it inspected in October and they pointed out the flat tread in the middle of the tire. They siad it would need replaced soon.