Sorry for the strange question but ever since my little one had Kawasaki he...


Sorry for the strange question ...... but ever since my little one had Kawasaki he has never been the same . Constant sore stomachs sickness that can come on in a second floor him for a few hours then he's fine like nothing happened but doctors don't seem to interested . Anyway ..... I have noticed a weird fruity smell off him I have had him at dentist and all is fine in his mouth and tonsils she told me to take him to doctors to be tested for diabetes has anyone else's children got diabetes since kd? I feel I take him into the doctors now and they never take me serious treat me as if am a para mum . Don't know if am being to para but it just doesn't add up

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  • I also agree that it sounds like diabetes. Do you know anyone that has to check their blood sugar at home? If you do you can check it yourself

  • Hi Emma! I'm in Rep of Ireland and eventually went ahead and paid private consultant in the children's hospital the other side of the country to see our son after 3 years of getting nowhere with Drs he was seeing. We have to save and don't go on holidays but it's so worth it. We were there again this week. Just knowing someone will listen and take you seriously and actually discuss concerns is worth so much. Tummy issues could still be migraine ... we see a neurologist who did an MRI and at my request did the extra picture of what they need to see blood vessels in the brain to check for aneurysms - it was my biggest concern with persistent head pain, confusion, tummy pain etc. Thankful it was clear but couldn't rest until it was done. He is on preventative meds for chronic daily migraine now.

  • Also a dr should be able to do a sugar finger prick test at a consultation without issue. If he won't do it with all those symptoms it's very bad form!!

  • Yes. My son has been sick numerous and he smells sickly sweet when he sweats. I smell it mostly at night. I told the doctor about it, he never smelt before kd. But the doctor didn't think it had anything to do with it. I still think it's his body riding itself of the illness and I think the IVIG may have a smell to it too.

  • I think that's what am going to have to do don't get me wrong the NHS is fab when they actually diagnose something ect but it's the fight you have to try get them to test ect or get out there head no it's not a virus ! There fav word to use in Scotland

  • Oh my gosh! I noticed my daughters breath smells fruity/ like chemicals last night. She had Kawasaki 2 years ago. I'm afraid maybe I am paranoid too!

  • Maybe a metabolism error? Have his organic acids checked.

  • side effects seem to have changed the 2nd time around - hearing strong diabetes

  • Thanks everyone I had him tested and all is ok. She's talking to other doctors at a meeting to see if they can think off anything else the fruity smell can be . Just glad it's not diabetes xx

  • symptom reminds me of a day after drinking with alcohol osing out of the drinker pores - smell is sweet in nature but may not be sugar - odd

  • Yeah it's not a boozy sweet smells it's sweeter . It's strange but iv not smelt it the past few days but iv noticed when am working he doesn't drink as much then I smell it for a few days so wondering if it's linked to that now . Will see how it goes when I keep telling him to have a drink every 10 minutes lol x