Soooo I bought gpi radiators off eBay for the kx500 and the suck don t even...


Soooo I bought gpi radiators off eBay for the kx500 and the suck don't even line up right. Anyone got a line for aftermarket radiators I need them asap

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  • I had to really work to make my gpi fit. Sucks

  • I've bought gpi radiators for a 2000 KX125 i had and i had to grind them in the bolts holes because were not perfect and the radiator cap was very tight to screw/unscrew. But for 100€ i cannot ask for better.

  • Mylers new design for the kx 500 fit perfect, make sure to ask for the mount gusseting, they said they will do it from now on but ask to make sure.

  • I've got cheap aftermarket gpi rad's off eBay, absolute shit !! Cheap nasty and if ya spent $95 on your cooling system on a big bore 500cc 2stroke...... ya going to get burnt!! They are in the bin now!! Unless I throw them on a hybrid racing lawmmower!! Get the U.K. Quality ones man

  • Stock rads and good jetting and pre-mix proper, you have to try hard or ride really slow to get hot

  • Gmx

  • So I'm in the USA AND COULD FIND ANYTHING but gpi on eBay anyone have the web site I bought new tonreplaced the nasty bents ones it never gets hot in me

  • Purchased GPI radiators off Ebay....the mounting tabs were so off it was a joke...good buddy of mine fabricated &rewelded new Tabs. Other than that they work good

  • need to watch the upper outlet and hose fittings on the gpi rads they sit too tight under the tank and do damage because the bends in them are not tight enough..

  • They crack just above the welds on the side plates. You get what you pay for with cheap asian shite.