Soooo how do I get my girlfriend to ride with me She is 450 against riding on...

Soooo, how do I get my girlfriend to ride with me. She is 450% against riding on the back. I've never had this problem with my past girlfriends. I wouldn't care, but I enjoy riding and when I want to go ride all the time, I want to bring her along, instead of her just sitting at home getting pissed because I left.

Any tips?

  • Get a new girlfriend.

  • Tell her riding makes you look younger as you are going faster than time.

  • Lol my GF threatened to break up with me if I bought a bike. I bought the bike.

  • Buy her a bike, that she would like to ride.....

  • My wife started by getting on my zx6r just in the garden at first to feel take off then it went to going round the block she recently came on and we took a 7 mile ride out stopped for icecream before heading back..........I now just had to order her custom leathers and she can't wait for our next ride

  • Haha just spoke to her she now wants to a 3hr trip to the emmerdale set to have pics with the woolpack pub

  • Stefan that's what we did. I practiced on my husbands zx6r, took the class, practiced some more then he bought me my own zx6r! Now we ride everywhere together

  • Haha best way enjoying the road together my wife still not planning on riding herself yet but is becoming quite comfortable on the back with me (quite enjoy it myself too lol)

  • Enjoy your alone time! :)

  • get a small bike.. ride slow.. sceneries.. have fun