Soooo guys Anyone fitted a rad protector to their ZZR Me neither I Arrived...

Soooo guys. Anyone fitted a rad protector to their ZZR? Me neither!!I Arrived in Santander with a stone hole in my rad!

Luckily, an amazing Kawa dealer in Santander helped me out and removed & repaired rad. Top lads! Not going to be caught out like that again!

Anyone fitted R & G or Evotech??

  • Which parts are you calling cheap Daran Elliott ???

  • Beowulf

  • I think Beowulf is quite an established make..never bought it myself I must admit

  • Ive got an R&G rad guard and downpipe grill fitted to mine.

  • Pay the bit extra and go for Evotech or R&G

  • Beowulf on my third Zed here and no problems. Also on 2 of my 3 1100's as well!

  • I bought the down pipe grill David but it done my head in so I drop kicked off the quarry

  • How many bikes you got.

  • 2 1100's (one for sale soon) and the 14

  • I got mine on ebay for $50AU

  • Jepp:)

  • ProjektD, don't rem cost