Someone really didn t want to lose their side stand. And they were still loose


Someone really didn't want to lose their side stand. And they were still loose. :-|

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  • Well, I replaced the terrible stand with an after market one I had for my GG. The holes were the same as the swinging arm.

    I still thought it stuck out a bit far so...

  • I got the grinder out and reshaped behind the bolt...

  • Now it tucks up nicely next to the sw/arm.

  • Well rarely does elation bring depression to the party so quickly (unless you watch England play alot)

    I put the stand down, leant the bike over and the stand folded like a cheese string. It went so slowly I was sure it would stop, but no. I didn't stop laughing till the handlebars hit the floor. Top tip.. never buy cheap ebay shit. Haha.

  • If you want a job done proppa, use pukka gear. I found a spare 175 stand.

  • Mine had the stand holes tapped out to M16 and even those had I fitted one of those universal ones that have a bracket that bolts around the swing arm...thinking I could use that Untill i got the original holes welded and re tapped.....only it worked so well I didn't bother with the original stand...and it's still on the eBay cheapy 2 years later :-)