Someone is test riding my 1st ninja I hope he doesn t buy it I m struggling...


Someone is test riding my 1st ninja. I hope he doesn't buy it. I'm struggling coping but it's time

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  • hurts doesnt it

  • Uh huh. Worse than losing your 1st love. She's been there for me thru thick and thin

  • it hurts even more when you see someone riding your old bike round town

  • Ya that's got to be tough

  • at least you get over your first love, your first ninja though, thats a whole other hurt. Im sure there are a few on this group that can sympathize

  • I've seen a dozen of my old cars in town and it doesn't bother me. Its alright got to save for that h2 lol

  • lol. I considered selling a couple of my bikes and getting the H2

  • too shiny, you will spend more time washing it than riding it

  • Haha

    Well it's gone so on to the next