• Some of you are already in 2014 how is it going better yet Have a nice 2014...

    Some of you are already in 2014! how is it going, better yet??!? :) Have a nice 2014 filled with rides and satisfaction!!!

    • Hope those Ozzies can cling on to our globe for another year :-)

    • ... klingons??? Where?! :)

    • Over the rainbow!

    • Muhahahha... I will have what he's having!!!

    • Don't panic, I had nothing special, just a Pangalactic Gargleblaster :-)

    • I hope you have your towel with you...because it will be a hell of a ride with the dolfins!

    • Everything is turning yellow... must be that long dark teatime in the restaurant at the end of the universe :-D

    • Is Marvin about?

    • Gee...

    • Sure 'ld love to go for a ride along Slartibartfast's coastal roads :-)