So yesterday I rode with a Pan European Triumph sprint st and a brand new mt09...


So yesterday I rode with a Pan European, Triumph sprint st and a brand new mt09 tracer for 917 miles in total in 24 hours. Safe to say the zzr is still the king of speed even after 20 years. It is not however the king of potholes, bumps and tight and twisty roads!!!

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  • Well I've proved to myself I can do it so it's an itch that might need scratched a couple of times a year ........ Until red bull gets banned lol

  • Agree the roads are treacherous and that's not just on secondary roads, main roads can be bad in parts, particularly in the North West. Best roads are on the East coast and down South. Well done mate on completing it and getting everyone home again safely

  • Lol, and there's not much chance of that... it's too much in demand! Over here it's now crashed (especially around the markets) to £1 a box

  • There is an Iron butt that I am considering but would take every ounce of energy to do. Visiting all 32 counties in 32 hours! Wanna join me Keith lol

  • I've got a fresh ZZR back in my garage, full tank of gas and sunglasses at the ready

  • Gimme 4 months to prepare lol

  • How does it feel to be back on the old girl?

  • Done

  • Great, like sitting on a missile, yesterday was perfect day to get it back and take it back home

  • Yea regardng roads, last road trip I did across Ireland there was lots of 'European Funded' signs on the roads but the real trick was as the sign came up saying 'it ends here' slap them on as about there the road was definately about to get real rough again..

  • Must be off gents, 4.30 is calling. Be safe, chat soon :D

  • Have a good week

  • nite pat, dont forget about D being faster ;) sleep well

  • my mate did 7 countrys in 24hrs around europe :)

  • My mates and I are going to to 5 countries in 24 hours. All UK plus Ireland. But there are two ferry journeys in that time too

  • Pirelli diablo strada. Superb handling

  • What are the Pirelli's like for mixed use? They seem a lot more expensive than Bridgestones etc

  • Look up I have diablo strada on my 11. Awesome in all conditions

  • Well done Steve, don't think I would've managed half that mileage before calling it a draw.