So todays issue was riding to work at 5am this morning when some numpty wanted...

So todays issue, was riding to work at 5am this morning when some numpty wanted a blast, so showed him a wee twist of the hand and away into the distance he went, eventually i saw hi catch up when i dropped down to acceptable speeds, and he was flashing me like crazy, asking me to pull over, my obvious emotion was oh sh##e, that`ll be 3 points then{i was below a ton so no ban}, luckily he was desperarely trying to tell me my rear light was out, phew i hear you say, me too, hahaha, so heres my question,

1. its now now back on riding home, so loose something somewhere?

2. speedo stopped working as well???

3. rear brake light still out.

so any ideas guys will be appreciated as i`ve booked saturday morning slot with er indoors to have biketime/mess..cheers...!

  • Sounds like a new speedo cable and blub or switch needed maybe the blub or could be the back brake needs adjusted does the back brake come on when you use the front brake

  • Do the obvious first bulbs, bulb conections, fuses, switches, wiring. Clean with wd40 or something similar.

    Good luck☺

  • My rear light plays up but is to do with dirty connection inside ignition switch.

  • Did you not accidentally deploy 'stealth-mode'?

  • My speedo cable snapped twice in a small space of time and it turned out that the speedo drive in the front hub was worn so affecting the cable asit it turned.worth a check by raising front wheel And spinning while listening for any friction sounds.I am sure you can fathom the bulb issue though!

  • Cheers Paul, based on the gallon of rocket fuel I've consumed this evening I'll start with the bulbs

  • solder on my bulb holders was breaking down. resoldered those. but for both to go it's more likely the earth connection, may also be your handlebar switch..

    obviously a bit late now

  • All fixed guys, bit of spray and cleaning debris and working again.