So today got lots done Finally got the air box on changed the oil filter spark...

So today got lots done. Finally got the air box on, changed the oil filter, spark plugs and put fresh fuel in.

Went to start the bike and the oil and neutral light dim, there's a click on the starter solenoid but then nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Sounds like a electrical fault. Possible earth issue or poor/dirty connection on the wiring loom somewhere?

  • I'm thinking that, going to try disconnecting all the blocks and check connections.

  • Weak battery

  • Batteries only a month old and works perfectly (took it off my Blackbird just to try firing it over)

  • I concur, it sounds like the charge isn't coming from the battery!

  • I can't see it being the battery as it's a month old and is maintained by a trickle charger.

    I'm looking more towards a poor earth as I get all my lights but pass switch button doesn't work and I don't get the full beam lights lit on the light bar under the clocks.

  • Most trickle chargers like optimate have a red like to show if the battery is weak. So I would agree about ruling out the battery.

  • Ok. I've been out today and swapped the switchgear over to my old broken one. The pass light now works but no indicators. There is also 1 random earth wire near the battery but nothing else unconnected.

  • Old switch gear

  • When the starter solenoid went on my KTM it just clicked and wouldn't start. Try bypassing the solenoid!