So this morning I was gonna go for a ride being the weather seems ok anyway I...

So this morning I was gonna go for a ride, being the weather seems ok.. anyway I decided instead not to procrastinate and to get on with putting my 600 back together, upon doing so I bled the brakes through on the 6 & thought whilst I had the kit out, I'd also do the 11, so commenced to do so..

I set up the pump opened up the reservoir and that's when some realisation began to hit home.. 1st of all since having this bike I have found no end of bodge jobs by previous owner!! So in hindsight I should've closely inspected the brakes before now!

The 1st thing I find is that the rubber diaphragm had been misplaced and fucked up allowing water ingress to the master cylinder (not good). So I think o'well I'll get a new one & move onto the bleeding process, upon which I find something that sent a shiver down my spine!!!

The bleed nipple had been overtightened by some previous imbecile & he/she had cracked the calliper housing

  • Know that feeling!

    The rear brakes on ZZR's are prone to cracking....

    Sv650 ones go straight on and are usually cheaper (same caliper)

  • Cheers kev, it's one of the front ones mate.. I want to throttle previous owner

  • Although to be fair, it may have been the previous owners mechanic - there are some right cowboys out there!

  • I totally agree with your comment 100% but some mechanics are worse with bodge ups and these guys and girls have been to college I'm in the middle of repairing a TDM that I bought from a dealer to be honest it shouldn't have pass a mot be when I bought it he put 12 months mot on it. I took it back and explained what I thought was wrong his reply was at the time of the mot everything was ok so it passed? I only paid £900 for the bike but it would cost me me in the small claims court to get my money back if I won, so I've decided to repair myself.

  • Good excuse to put gsxr750 calipers on instead!

  • When you have kept the same bike for 26 years , you know the history :D The only bodge on my bike , (although i personally dont think it is) is packing out the cush drive rubbers with inner tube. As i have had the same rubbers in for over 10 years now . I used to replace them about once a year in the early days .

  • I would call that a top tip not a bodge.

  • I strongly believe that you should know your bike where things are what to check and when to check it. A lot of people don't like getting there hands dirty or having a go because they don't have the experience and knowledge this keeps good mechanics in business, but the Internet is full of sites where information can be found. I'm not saying that everyone should now get on there computers and start taking there bikes apart I'm saying there should be a basic level that everyone should know.

  • I'm one of the generation of bikers that had no money to pay to get the bike fixed, we had to learn to do it ourselves. These days of course, bikes are a bit complex for the average home mechanic, but you can still learn how to do the basic stuff, like oil changes, minor adjustments etc. Groups like this are a big help.

  • i used to work for a Yamaha main dealer so i am a fully trained Yamaha technician

  • Exactly!

    The younger gen seem to demand everything on a plate without getting there fingers dirty!

    In fact I'm pretty sure horns on new single cylinders should now shout out

    "I'm fookin filtering read the Highway Code"

  • I guess that's where for a change in was lucky with my bike.. as it was in such disrepair that I had to go over everything and then do it right...

  • Well whoever it was is a fucking numpty

  • There are many doughnuts about mate most have no fucking jam at all lol..

    I've just stripped & rebuilt a 600, and made sure everything is tiptop.. again I've found an abundance of bodge jobs on that too!!

    In the next year or two I'm gonna by something brand new, and once the warranty is up, I will complete all maintenance myself..!

    Just fed up of fixing other dickheads fuck-ups!!

  • Mate that's an old trick going back years & its hardly something that can cause a safety issue or fuck up the motor..

  • Absolutely mate, but when people start fucking things up & bodging a fix, then sell it on without sorting it properly... that's when the issues become someone else's nightmare!

  • Technician... is that the same as a mechanic

  • That's the place I am now with the TDM bodged up to sell

  • To be fair I half expected to sort a number of jobs on it, as I bought it quite cheap however, it does amaze me how these fuckers can ride around on something with so many issues

  • Everyone overtightens bleed nipples, they only have to be nipped up tight.

  • Well I certainly don't pal.. never have.

  • Sorry, but I had to pinch your post if only to highlight the importance of thorough checks.

    Hope you don't mind x

  • Not at all Sheena Robinson

  • I have a spare rear caliper housing if it's any help. The side the hose goes into is good. The other side currently has a piston stuck in it.

  • Hey bud thanks for the offer, it's a front calliper that's fooked.. I've ordered a nice set of GSXR750 K1 callipers now! But thank you anyway

  • No problem mate. I have just purchased a pair of CBR600 FY Caliper for mine.

  • You know what this means don't ya.... we can go faster into the bends now

  • I can't yet, someone else has my carbs. Have to go out on my Triumph instead.