So these showed up today Hopefully the warm weather they claim for the weekend...

So these showed up today. Hopefully the warm weather they claim for the weekend also comes. B-|

  • Gorgeous! Good luck on the weather

  • Oh trust me, you'll get vids. B-|

  • I just fixed my exhaust today, the bike had developed a noise at the front of the bike as if one of the pipes had come loose.., I was right as one had.., I removed the bottom fairing hoping to get access to them but no joy.., I had to strip all the bloody plastics off the bike and tighten the bolts on the number 4 cylinder pipe.., now she is again purring like a kitten.

  • I think mine may have started the same issue.

  • I just tightened them up Levi.

  • My oil seal is going at the gear shaft and I need a new rocker cover gasket.., this winter will see big things happening :-p

  • Mines already seen enough lok

  • They are a labor of love.., 2 bikers stopped last week to admire my bike that was parked in front of the father in laws house, she turns heads and I owe it to her to keep her alive.., I remember I went to my local racetrack and the amount of people who looked at the bike was brilliant.., I have never personally seen another bike like her.., I love her <3 :-)

  • Stainless actually lol

  • I know eh. Love it