so there i was sitting on my zzr at a set of traffic light s waiting for them...


so there i was sitting on my zzr at a set of traffic light's waiting for them to change to green when a Mercedes pulls up in the lane next to me i looked at the badge on the front wing it was v10 the driver slowly crept forward then the lights changed he went he got about 3 yards in front of me then i shot passed him i don't think he knew what was happening i just changed into 2nd when i had to slow down for a 30mhp speed camera then he caught up to me i waved bye bye to him after that.

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  • I think we've all done that.

    Any half decent bike will kill almost any car on acceleration.

  • i think the bloke shit himself when i went pass him,my zzr is not quiet

  • First and only time I ever pulled a wheelie was off the lights against a rice'd up Beemer. Didn't stop grinning for a week, but never been able to repeat not that I've really tried.

  • Show off

  • the joy's of having the quicker d

  • Don't always be fooled by cars. Some modern day super cars once off the mark will "keep" to a degree with bikes. I had a run with a 911 gt4s and up to 3 figures We were neck and neck on a runway .

  • My bike looks like crap at the mo and had a gt4 rock up next to me he was shocked when I blatted him easily

  • Off the mark ?

  • Yip all the way till he bottled out at 130 it was close thought he might have me through first and second but third just left him sitting think that was enough for him you know how quick these zeds get up to 130

  • having owned all three,first the busa then the blackbird now the zzr i can say that the busa is just built for speed and by fuck it was quick then the blackbird that was fast and smooth with it now the zzr is quick smooth and handles well,if you can put the engine from a busa into a zzr then it would be something else.

  • Do you think the zzr handles better than the busa?

  • yes, the brakes on the busa are good being 6 pot's

  • Mmmmmmmm. Different bikes. And at different ends of the age scale really. I have run 4 busa's and 3 zzr's d m9del zzr's and original unrestricted busa's. I had late model zzr and that finished me. I don't know if Kwak revised the suspension or not ? It had only covered just under 9k at the time so nothing was worn out. All factory settings. But it was like trying to maul the titanic around bends . And after riding a busa you could feel the differences. Just my personal taste I know. My brother had a zzr for years in fact his son still has it but after riding a busa I was selling he never went back to the zzr. Weight. Power. Brakes. Etc.

  • The zzr does handle better than a busa , whilst just loosing a bit on power to the 250cc bigger engine in terms of performance . As for looks there is no contest at all , the busa has to be the ugliest fully faired bike ever made . :D

  • Each to their own