So the question is 1100 or 1200 are they roughly the same I have followed the...

So the question is 1100 or 1200 are they roughly the same? I have followed the 1100 since it first came out but now I'm getting back on a bike have found there's a 1200 and not many if any 1100 for sale.

  • Dont do it ! They are really heavy and have mickey mouse headlights ! The gain in torque from the engine is lost with the extra weight. Your better off saving a bit more for the 1400. The 1200 is one to avoid ,in my opinion .

  • I was thinking the same earlier today. My zed getting a bit old and was thinking of a 12. Maybe Colin is right and save for the 1400.

  • There is nothing to gain with the 12 its more expensive, spares will be harder to find and more expensive. Ive ridden the 12 and wasnt impressed at all. Save a bit more for the 14,it weighs 530lb and hides that weight really well, so much so it feels lighter than the 11 ! :O

  • Whats the main differenxes between GTR 1400 and ZZR 1400 except GTS is designed for touring but should share the same engine?

  • The 1100 and 1400 are pure 'designed for purpose' machines. The 1200 was a fill-in update from the 1100 whilst the 1400 was being developed. A one to miss I recon. Plus it is butt-ugly!

  • More upright positioning and a bit more weight and a re tuned motor for more bottom end power on the gtr. Ive not ridden a gtr, not a fan of its looks . lol