So the last 2 3 times I ve road my bike After I cut it off some Coolent comes...

So the last 2-3 times I've road my bike. After I cut it off some Coolent comes out the bike I'm guess from the reservoir. I'm assuming it's the thermostat but idk how hard it is to replace or where it's located.

  • Have you had the hoses of or the radiator out of the bike?

  • I changed my radiator 2-3 months ago

  • Check the two small hoses under the radiator cap, the hose with the small wire clamp should be on top

  • The top hose goes to the overflow tank the bottom hose goes to the thermostat,if you remove the rh middle panel you can pull the hose to the thermostat and see where it is at

  • Ps this is 2012 on but im guessing gen 1 is the same

  • Thanks Jeff Lemon

  • U have air pockets trapp'd in there...u need 2 burp the system

  • How do I burp it

  • Open up the radiotor cap and squeeze the hoses till air escapes while bike is running walter

  • Thanks Ima try that

  • Correct walter jones