So the gen2 has a fancy high and low power setting I ve tried to use the low...

So the gen2 has a fancy high and low power setting. I've tried to use the low power for economy but to no avail. I'm actually getting better economy from the high setting and have more control on small throttle inputs. It's only any use when I have the wife on the back to stop impromptu wheelies.

  • I find the 14 to be perfect for my needs. Obviously fast, surprising frugal, very comfortable and rewardiing in the twisties once you've had the suspension set up correctly.

  • had mine done at Kais but I need an uprated spring on the rear really ...chunky monkey :-)

  • Suspension I find is often overlooked, but the benefits to riders who enjoy pushing their bikes is immeasurable.

  • suspension mods are the best bang for buck on any road bike

  • i agree David a supermotard would beat the 14 on twistys with the right rider..but what else can the moto do better than the 14?..accelertae speed? def not..tour .nope...look as good as the 14???? hell point was that the 14 does scratch,it also does anything you want it too and does it with style :)

  • Goes well around a track.

  • validates my point lol

  • That 8 quid eBay camera is the biz. Glad you never loaded the one where you overtook me....

  • nice black lines out of the corners sir, permission to piss off the other rides in the group on their out and out track bikes as you roll past them with your luggage rack still fitted sir?

  • Ventura sir, that will do nicely....

  • i thought the others were at a stand still lol nice riding