So tell me if anyone else has had this problem first off let me preface this...

So tell me if anyone else has had this problem, first off let me preface this with the 2 guys working on the bike. They rock they can tear down the electrical system to its most basic and test it to extreme precision. So here's what happened took a ride to a local burger place on Sunday, bike died pulling in, I was going 30 so I bumped it, it started, parked it and admired others bikes that were there, got on to leave bike didn't start. Thought great WTF happened to the bike, messed around w it for 10-15 mins, finally it started, rode off, it died about a mile away from burger place. It never started back up, so I called Bob Jones to come rescue me, fast forward, the bikes battery sucks, so after it was teched out, the battery had enough juice to run lights but not crank, I guess the point of all this is, anyone else had a battery take a dump and leave you stranded? I will never buy a bikemaster battery again, they just suck!

  • Yea mine died in 36 degree ride. I keep it on a tinder now when I'm not going to ride for a while. Haven't had the problem since

  • I got an AGM battery this last time, and I keep it on a tender when I am not going to ride it for a week or so.

  • The one I got was an AGM as well but it was junk

  • Very possibly. Do you have long periods of time between rides?

  • Well it went from one shop to another, then it went to paint but it was less than 45 days and was started several times to test etc.

  • Well, it's possible you got a bad battery, and just as possible that your charging system isn't working right.

  • Check the rectifier regulators. Make sure the connection is clean. I went through several batteries before I found this connection was bad in one of the regulators

  • The battery is fine until a load is put on it, then it fails miserably and quick

  • Probably a dead cell, has voltage but can't handle the current draw

  • Once u replace the battery, u need to ensure that your charging system is working.

  • Thank you sir!

  • "U r welcome

  • Hell i had the bike die, towing was talking a 4 hour wait, so walked it three miles home, it was getting dark so had it in the own for light, was completely dead by the time i made it home. You guys will find this hard to believe to pushing a 900 pound bike 3 miles sucks, Iit was humid so soaked through my pants and shirt and actually had to toss them they smelled so bad, hell next time I will either wait for the tow or park the bike that was the last incident for the year i hope

  • That is combat training!

  • No, that was idiotic, my impatience gets the best of me 100% of the time, didnt go to the gym the rest of the week after that,lol

  • Impatient? Lol, don't tell me!

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