So question time Seat pods for d models can t find one anywhere anyone know...

So question time!!!! Seat pods for d models.... can't find one anywhere anyone know if they are out there and can point me in the right direction?????

  • Thanks Colin

  • Yh something like that

  • Found this 38000 yen , seems a tad expensive :D ts/21207054.html

  • One listed here for ninety five pounds ts

  • 207 dollars, which includes side panels as one http://www.airtech-streamlinin rice

  • Everything apart from the german seller !

  • They ain't cheap haha thought was bad trying to get one for my f model ninja

  • I think i paid about sixty pounds for mine. If your wondering why im typing figures, its because my laptop wont let me type in certain numbers! :D I will keep my eye out, they are quite rare items :)

  • If anyone has a batwing type I can get a mould and make them for a fraction of the price