So my w suffers from poor throttle response at low speed and uneven idling


So my w suffers from poor throttle response at low speed and uneven idling. Yesterday it even stalled when I had to stop at aroundabout.

I suspect either the spark plugs or a a vacuum leak. Decided to check the spark plugs first but having a hard time to decide if they need to be replaced or not.

Link pretty much describes my problem

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  • Before you go ahead and start listening to all the great facebook mechanics who wil tell you to take down the top end ou dismantle the crank, I would suggest you get your hands on this product. Simple things first. Remove the right panel, take off the air filter elements, start your engine and spray the carb cleaner directely into the airbox. Your problem could be as simple as some debris obstructing a jet. Bardahl Carb cleaner will remove it.

  • Jack has a point. This is how I replace headlamp bulbs.

  • Meh, it's too bad that I'm not at the garage atm. I guess it's easier to find while working on the bike but looking through the service manual book is a hassle when trying to find the air filter :p

    I'll go with the airbox solution tomorrow.

    It was all fine and dandy about a week ago

  • Replace plugs. Check valve clearance. Clean/replace air filters. Sync carbs see how you go from there.....

  • good luck mate let us know how you get on

  • Oh my.... Ken, I didn't know you'd take it literally when I explained you how to change the bulbs... :v

  • Has it always had this problem or is it a new issue?

  • Haven't really owned it long but it wasn't an issue first couple of miles.

    It had been standing mostly for two years and started up maybe once or twice. Only oil change for the last couple of 7-8 years

  • Need new plugs

  • Yeah go through the carbs and make sure everything is adjusted properly, set idle and make sure the air fuel mix screws are synced

  • You know what. Upon looking at my recorded clips when it was running just fine, I stopped to fuel it up with something called "Miles 95". The description (a rough quick translation from google translate to save time) follows:

    "In our 95 miles gasoline we put a gasoline additive containing a friction modifier. Tests show that regular use of 95 miles gasoline can provide up to 2.7% * lower fuel consumption compared with a 95 octane gasoline with the standard addition to Swedish law requires."

    I did notice that after about a mile, the problem started to occur. I did have my doubts when I was putting the gasoline in but thought "meh, it's octane 95".

    Would it hurt to go and fuel up with the real usual gasoline? I realize that I should still probably check most things suggested here since the previous owner didn't take proper care of it, other than riding calmly for a 77 year old.

  • Mine was the same way when I purchased it last September. Once I cleaned the pilot and main jets, it ran fine. Upon inspection, I found one of the pilot jets to be plugged. If it has been sitting for some time, it is likely that there is sediment or even water in the carb bowls. The ethanol in modern gasoline will mix with water from the atmosphere to form a nasty cocktail.

  • Yeah, but you didn't stop at changing the bulbs, did you? You clearly took advantage of the situation to quickly clean the mirrors as well! 8-)

  • If one is concerned with cleaness of carbs, get them ultrasonically cleaned.

    Use a fuel stabilizer ( for ethanol) additive.

  • Just writing to check in with a report that I replaced the spark plugs and cleaned up the air filters as much as possible, gonna have to replace those as well. Cleaned up carbs and already runs much smother idling.

    Thanks for all the help and support!! Gonna check some other things as well before or after winter.

  • I don't think anyone has asked this question - Did you happen to run it low on fuel and switch the petcock to reserve or prime recently? Doing so would allow any bad stuff that has settled to the bottom of the tank to find its way into the system. If it was only water in the fuel a drain and change combined with something like "Seafoam" might solve your problems.