So my friend crashed my bike. screwed up plastics skid plates windshield

So my friend crashed my bike....screwed up plastics, skid plates, windshield. It seemed ok in terms of alignment when I was taking it to the shop controls seemed alright. What are some of the other things I should be aware of mechanically?

  • frame damage, any cracks and it's done for really. Assume everthing is broken till told otherwise.

  • Gawd I hope that isn't the case...

  • Your friends brain

  • I am so sorry to hear that happened to your friend and your bike. Very sad news. I hope the damage is as minimal as possible

  • Lend your bike or woman - they'll come back screwed...

  • Who will mechanically pay for all the damages. I hooe you still end up as friends.

  • check for dents or cracks on the sides of the engine, swingarm, fork, brake calipers. Brake fluid cups and hoses ok. Rear frame often takes a beating when crashing.

  • Every place theirs a bolt or structural joint it'll need checking. They arn't designed to withstand a speedy fall really. Some of the engine bolts I believe act as weight displacement screws. So Already have a high load on them :)