so just renewed bike insurance you know when your getting older when the best...


so just renewed bike insurance, you know when your getting older when the best cover available is with SAGA....omg, im officially a

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  • Why sorry Betty?

  • That Roland couldn't get it cheaper and I didn't know you wasn't in uk

  • A oke no problemo

  • £132 isn't bad. I'm happy with that.

    I pay that for my TV licence, and never watch it.

  • When I first got my Zed it was about £300 TPFT, but I was only 29 then.

  • Later on I insured my 250 Honda for about £80, and added the Zed for no extra cost.

  • I pay £333 for 2xzzr1100's zx12r, zzr1400 and a Ducati 996 ,fully comp , living on an island , 400 years no claims , occupation as a vicar . Im with Adrian flux , the 5th bike is the problem as only carol nash or Adrian flux will quote me .

  • ZZR1100 160 euro fully comp with free breakdown recovery. I can even call a taxi 3 times per year if I have had too much to drink and do not wish to ride home and the insurance company pay it as long as its within a 10m radius.

    SIDENOTE: No i dont drink and ride and have never used it. But i think its a great option to have.

  • Do they pay for the taxi back to the bike as well?

  • Never used it like I say... Not that I am aware of. But if you was at a mates BBQ for example and he said stick bike in the garage and have a few beers... then its a good option

  • I nearly died when I priced ours up, big increase on last year from £85 to £104!

    With MCE purely for the racing, but still

  • Still cheap.

  • That's with 5 years protected no claims and nil excess... Just can't justify the steep £575 comp excess, but he wants to go racing!

  • Don't go with saga they are a rip off I had car insurance at 1200 quid got in touch with M&S and saves 800 quid

  • £105 from Hastings

  • Ouch! How could they justify doubling the price?

  • It was a shock and a F##k You moment but Hastings saved the day. I think Bennetts have been bought by another insurance company and maybe they want to scare bike riders away. BTW I have 2 years NCD and zero points (yes I'm very lucky