So just got back from a ride out Putting the bike in the garden and something...


So just got back from a ride out. Putting the bike in the garden and something has broke or snapped. Sounds like its in the top of engine. Not happy

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  • Metal clanging on start up

  • Check on the right hand side if a bolt has fallen out. You can just see it in the photo the silver bolt near the top

  • Apart from that think it would be a bits off to find the problem

  • This sounds like its in top of engine........just got a real bad feeling....56 plate with only 5000 miles on the clock

  • Is it worse on the left or right side or can't you tell?

  • Sounds like right side

  • That bolt holds the cam chain guide in place and has been known to go on holiday

  • Sod it. Back of van n let my mechanic have a look. Wouldn't mind i've only had her about a month

  • So is it a common problem on the 14 then Dave Craddock. Cos i've had my zx12 for 5 years and never had a problem with her

  • Not common but it's worth checking as it's an external bolt only know of one dropping out in the UK