So ive heard different comments so what s the best people s opinions who ve had...

So ive heard different comments so what's the best people's opinions who've had both gen1 gen 2 which one's the best ??

  • Yes but the ratio for improvement is 90/10 across every bike as they evolve with technology, fix deficiencies and take on board customer feedback just read the comments to your post and lots have had both models

    Only personal preference is gotta be Green and I aint talking that emissions shit

  • I have a Gen 1 but agree with the rest, if I could afford it I'd go for Gen 2

  • Only one colour,thats Green.

  • So no one wants to px then lol

  • Ive got a gen one. i prefer the looks of the gen 1, over the gen 2. Plus i didnt want one with all the gizmos, had them on another bike and didnt do much.

    Plus i do all my own work, so went with the very early non abs model. Not ridden the gen 2 though, so couldnt comment on power, handling etc.

  • One everytime

  • i have a gen2 so they are the best Ipso facto :-)

  • I have gen 1, but only coz I couldn't afford a gen2

  • Had two gen 1s, now got gen 2, for me, gen 2 everytime,

  • Gen 2, better in just about every department.

  • yup