So it would appear that whilst us faster C riders were out at work today the...


So it would appear that whilst us faster C riders were out at work today the slower D(nothing else to do with their time) boys were busy trying to use the bully boy tactics on our new faster C member Ronnie, well that ain`t gonna work boys n girls... welcome to the loony hoose Ronnie..!

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  • LOL... how cute!

    If your C were faster, you might have beaten us D's home quicker to stop us hahahaha

  • Won't be bullied easily Kevin....thanx mate

  • Toucè lol

  • It's touché! lol

  • I know....hit wrong button trying to get the wee flicky mark lol that's why I'm flicking wrong buttons lol

  • no bullying here, just stated facts :D

  • And shit wi technology Pfff

  • D ear D ear D ear me

  • Yup, he's a C rider... look at the excuses flowing

  • Maybe one day we'll have to let the bikes speak for themselves

  • get in there Ronnie, wait till Darren yimyam starts with his nonsense D banter lol

  • Here we go again lol

  • Aye Darren had a try earlier...just have to put the throttle where their mouth is lol

  • not a problem once mine is finished…… did i mention that i am putting a turbo on it ;)

  • No comment lol

  • Pfff melt it mate lol shame you need a Turbo to beat an auld C

  • lmao

  • got yimyam on the back foot already, your gonna fit in nicely in this group lol

  • look throught the page for piccys of my bike

  • twice in a day lol

  • Oi merchant, I've only got one foot to use at the moment but I'll soon be terrorising you lot again lol

  • thats why i`m on the attack, got the advantage whilst ur bostid up lol

  • Yr just cruel lol

  • them C owners a right nasty :/

  • Have to admit Facebook has never made me chuckle so much lol

  • thats what u get when u have a C ;) (and can take a joke)

  • dont forget all the technical specs you get during banter

  • that isn"t a D anymore Ian :P

  • it is….. mainly….ermmmm ok the frame was…. :D

  • Went to and got there early on my faster "D",