So it finally happened got caught doing 101mph on a 70mph duel carriageway up...


So it finally happened, got caught doing 101mph on a 70mph duel carriageway, up hill, which on our bikes is barely tick over. Anyone been caught recently doing something similar? If so am I truly stuffed or is there light at the end of the tunnel? Is my first offence so I'm hoping they be lenient!

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  • 30 mph over the limit is usually an automatic ban. Depends if the judge is having a good day or not.

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  • I got caught at 134.3mph on the A34 ! I saw the cop car but it was too late to slow down by much . However i slowed right down to about 60mph , he then flashed his lights and i pulled over in a lay by .I took my helmet off ,as he asked me to get in the car . As I sat down I saw 134mph on his vascar monitor :D . He pointed to it and i said i didnt believe i was going that fast . He then got all huffy , so i decided on a different approach . I said I lived on the Isle of wight,where there is more or less a 40mph limit everywhere (which there isnt ,thats Jersey) . I had adequate stopping distance between me and the car in front (there wasnt one) . Im wearing a full set of leathers ,as i do appreciate the police have to attend idiots in shorts and tshirts . I havent owned the bike long and was getting used to the power (id owned it 7or 8 years, at that time) . The bike is in full roadworthy condition 'you can check it over if you like' ? (well apart from the small numberplate ) . He then proceeded to tell me about the dangers of speeding and how he cant let me get away with it . So he gave me a ticket and said i will have 3 points and a £60 fine .If I contested it ,it will go down as 134.3mph ! So I took the ticket and rode slowly (for a while) back to the ferry . I got on the ferry and thought how the hell did i get away with that !! He had only gone and wrote 'in excess of 70' on the ticket . :D :D :D

  • Anything over 99mph is an automatic ban

  • That's the difference between a traffic cop you can talk too and can call you a few names and give advice and is probably a biker himself and a camera that doesn't care.

  • Give them a sob story about needing your licence to get to work, visit your kids / dying granny / hospital appointments, etc. Some people have got away with it, but usually only rich bastards.

  • At least with a copper you've got half a chance of getting away with it. With a camera you're fooked.

  • If you dont give them any abuse and just treat them normally , its a got to be a good thing . Mind you dont brown nose or creep either as they might think you are hiding something !

  • They're usually okay once they see you're not a young tearaway. I can't remember the last time I got pulled, maybe 20 years ago. Probably cos I don't ride like I've got a death wish.

  • Just say the wind was pushing me

  • Uphill...

  • Yes an updraft

  • Tell him you mistook mph for kph.

  • Now that's a result! I fear I won't have the same luck

  • Over 100 or 30 mph over the limit is normally a ban. Sometimes only 30 days but it's on the licence as a ban.

  • Ok first of all you need to make sure mr fucking camera van man was parked in a safe unobtrusive legal position.. believe it or not mr cam van wanker man is generally not a man of the blue cloth, and are most of the time civil servants that think there special, generally ex semiretired plod..

    Then you need to enquire if they're equipment has been calibrated up to date.. sometimes they tend to forget, and if so the ticket is void.

    Your mitigating circumstances..

    were you accelerating to avoid a possible hazard, as we know a powerful bike can reach high speed very quickly

  • Great info! OK, so where I believe he was was by the slip road exit onto the dual carriageway and I remember alot of traffic building up because he was there hence why I missed him , so me doing what they say on the advanced rider course, I got into the outside lane to avoid the trucks, hesitatant drivers etc going up hill, but I hit 101 within 50 yards as I immediately exited off the next exit

  • Need to add as well I'd been hit off my bike a month earlier so I wasn't tolerating car drivers who don't know how to indicate, which was what the car in front was doing, entered the congested first lane without indication

  • I'm hoping for the points and fine then!

  • Yes it was very very windy!

  • Well for starters you were actually accelerating up a slip road and legally building up speed to join a dual carriageway national speed limit... you could say you were unaware of the exact speed you were doing at that time as you were concentrating on joining a dual carriageway, and once you had exited onto the dual you immediately observed and adjusted your speed accordingly. You can then explain that it is a powerful machine & can reach high speeds very easily during acceleration...

    also what the fuck was he doing parked next to a slip road, I'm pretty sure that is not legally parked

  • Yes I would. Try to get a letter off your employer to say you need your licence for work

  • Dont forget to ask for the speed calibration test of the gun too . If it hasnt been done within a certain time period (no idea what that is), then you have them there .

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  • They really are sneaky bastards, no wonder there was a pile up to join the carriage way. Figuring I wait for the official letter them seek legal help and mitigation. I would have rolled off as quickly as I hit the 100 marker as I was exiting again off the dual carriageway

  • Has to be a sign warning of speed cameras in the area before the camera too - fixed ones on lamp posts count as do mobile ones.

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