So im not 100 sure yet if i will be parting my 2012 Kawasaki ZX 14r SE or...

So im not 100% sure yet if i will be parting my 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14r SE or selling it in one piece.

Any suggestions from Ninjas on what i should do to get the most money from it.

  • Parting is tough cause the small stuff takes forever to sell

  • Is it wrecked or tryin to make the most money

  • Im interested in the whole thing depending on the damage.

  • And im off this week so it could be a quick easy transaction.

  • Job lot would be the simplest!

  • If parting out p.m me, very interested in various parts.

  • @Greg: If I'm gonna part out then I'm will probably leave the small stuff with the big parts and sell as a bundle. But sometimes the small worth more than the big part because its hard to find.

    @Jon: it is not wrecked nor it was dropped. Its just I'm thinking about a newer model or maybe wait for a 2015 model if they redesign it. And its the latter of what you said, make the most out of it.

    @Justin: I would sell it as whole but not until August, because that's when Kawasaki will launch the 2015 model. If you can wait till then i can let you know.

    @Joshua: If for some reason i dont make a deal with Justin and i happen to part it then i will let you know. However what parts are you looking for? Shoot me a list, i maybe able to help you out with few from other resources

    @Mad: Just vying my options, I'm really digging that 2014 black and orange ZX-14r.

  • I need the ecu.

  • How much for the frame?