So i was concerned that my clutch is slipping but only in second gear when I m...

So, i was concerned that my clutch is slipping, but only in second gear when I'm really hammering it. So I pulled the clutch cover off the bike, it's due an oil change anyway. Clutch assembly looked good. But I did see a lot of green loctite material laying on bottom of pan. Maybe 1/8 inch thick, and about 3/8 or 1/4 of a teaspoon. It was not fresh but appeared to be old and weathered.

  • I also have the slipping under hard acceleration but only in 2nd gear I've been told that some kind of sensor is a speed gear that causes the ignition to not function for about a millisecond

  • That doesn't sound right. I'm not saying saying it's not right, but sounds odd. The bike doesn't jump out of gear, acts like clutch disengages for a split second and then jumps right back into the acceleration. I think if it was jumping out of and back into gear it would make a lot of noise.

    My plan is to add shims / washers to clutch springs and see how it works. My 2001 Vulcan drifter 1500 acted similarly. I put a washer and clutch spring from mean streak 1600, and the 1500 never slipped again.

  • I'd be very interested to know if that fixes it.. it drives me nuts when I'm accelerating and it jumps like that

  • The v2k has 5 bolts with coil springs to keep tension on clutch plates while riding. My 1500 had a convex dishwasher spring to apply apply pressure to clutch plates for movement.

  • Scott Guilbert, I plan to try shimming clutch springs today or tomorrow. I'll post my results when I'm done.

  • Me too, only in 2nd gear

  • Are you sure your not spinning the back tire?

  • Art Wilton, pretty sure I'm not spinning the tire. I don't hear any excessive tire squeal. I need to beef up clutch springs anyway, I'm going to a rally at end of September and I pull a trailer for that 5 days out of each year. I just wish the bike had hydraulic pressure units.

  • I know I'm not spinning because if I hold it it'll skip multiple times no matter what my speed becomes

  • I was planning to beef up clutch springs / spring anyway. I have a long trip coming up I attend and I might pull my small trailer behind the bike.


  • Same problem i read on forum about 1700. It was caused by one of the forks in the gear.