So I ve got a BMW K1600 GTL E now I m bored with it and considering a ZX for...

So I've got a BMW K1600 GTL-E now. I'm bored with it and considering a ZX for that reason. Also, the BMW may be a big comfy bike, but the seat is horrible. I'm a big guy which doesn't help, but even skinny guys complain about the K bikes seat. So my question is, how comfy would a ZX be for a fat man?

  • I weigh 240 lbs and it's perfect for me

  • You cannot go wrong with a zx14. Buy it you will not regret it

  • Thx. guys.

  • I hated the seat on my ZX. A Corbin seat made a huge difference.

  • Ok I forgot to mention I got mine with a Corbin seat already on it. But the bike handles great with slow maneuvering like a sport touring

  • Eric, I also own a K1600GTL as my two up riding bike. My wife and I have traveled many miles on what I consider to be the best touring bike. I recently sold my K1200S and it was no easy decision, because BMW flows in my veins. The problem with my K1200S, is that it had its short comings as a top speed bike (max speed 176mph). So I started researching optional bikes to buy. After researching and understanding the market, what came to the top is the ZX14. First, it is the easiest bike to modify to increase performance, but at the same time it has a large frame wheelbase to provide a comfortable ride. When I ride solo, I take the ZX14 every time. When I travel solo I take the ZX14. I ride on a stock seat and have no desire to change the seat. When I go out for a ride, it is normally do 150 to 250 miles in a day. So to answer your question, the stock seat is a 6 on a scale of 1-10. The handling is a 8 on a scale of 1-10 (the only reason I did not give it a 10 is because there are shorter framed bikes that might handle better). To performance, I give it a 10 and with less than $2,000 investment, you will have a real street fighter that will slam all others bikes. So what are you waiting for? Go buy the bike....

  • That's very helpful Scot. Thank you sir.

  • I climbed off a 2010 Harley Ultra Limited for my 30th anniversary ZX14R. With a few small modifications It is now more comfortable than my Harley was. I raised the bars using Genmar risers by stacking 2 risers on each side One of the risers per side I machined down to 3/8" so the total stack height is 15/8". I also installed a set of 40cm lowering footpegs from slingshot racing. I also did several performance mods, but that's not the question here. I should mention I am 6'-1" tall and a 255 lb. body builder with numerous injuries: knee, shoulder, hip, neck and back. I also ride a 2015 Ducati Diavel and the ZX14R is now more comfy then the Ducati, which is a straight up high performance naked.

  • Get a Russell seat for the bmw

  • Thank you.