So I ve got a 2006 z750s looking to do a sprocket mod potentially From what I...

So I've got a 2006 z750s, looking to do a sprocket mod potentially. From what I've found online, stock ratio is 15 front/43 rear. Is this correct? Does anyone here have experience doing this, and if so, what sizes did you use? I was told a good mix is -1 front/+2 rear, but would -2 front have the same affect as well? Though I'm sure increasing the rear is much better than decreasing the front. What are your recommendations? Sizes/ratios/parts? Would I need a specific chain to do this?Thanks!

  • Update on this. I found this info about the stock chain specs. So if the stock link count is 112, and I up the rear sprocket from 43 to 46, a 120 link chain should work fine. However, looking at a separate chart, it seems that increasing from 43 rear to 46 rear would still be 112 links. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Here's the chart that shows me there is no change in chain link between 43 and 46 rear teeth (this of course assumes the sprocket center to center distance would be the same, which it would be.) It also is based off of a 17 tooth front, so subtract two from that, that leaves us with 110 links still ,which means 112 would be fine.

  • I've gone 1up on the rear and left the front stock. Yet to ride it though. Jamie Maidy Maidment has a 45 rear standard front and still has standard 112 link chain.

  • Hi m8 with my 45t rear sprocket there no need 2 change chain lengh if ya go 2 bit the chain wud b 2 long n 2 small it wud b 2 long wot u hoping 2 gan from the change n wot u use the bike 4 most the time ?

  • Noticed that most guys who went -1 +2 went back to stock. Amir did anyway. Think he said it made the bike unstable coming off the gas.

  • Ye rember him saying that hence y i only done the rear -1f +1r i think works out abit more acselration gan than +2 on the rear if thats right i can see how he wud b right +2r makes it feel like the front end drops abit harder cuming off the gas so far i can deal with it its not that bad but waiting 4 the summer 2 find out as r b riding bike harder then think uv gone 4 the better idea less / more gragul accelration gan but ya keep alittle more too end

  • Thats the chart im goin off m8

  • Well the bike itself never hits higher speeds, and the acceleration is what I'm after. I ordered a standard 15t front and a 46t rear last night, so it will be stock front, +3 rear. I did a lot of math and I think the torque to the wheel gain from that will be optimal for me. I ordered a 114 link just in case, and I'll just cut off the excess links.

  • Think ya mite find 46t on rear alittle 2 much m8 i finding 45t fun but deff kills the top speed front wheel cum up easyaly anoth 46t u mite find the front wheel cums up 2 easy ya need a nice balance if accelration is 2 much n front wheel lifts when ya dont wont it ya gotta drop off n back on witch wud make ya slower m8 but give it a go i think 45t wud b better 44t i think wud b better 4 me realy as i do abit of mottorway running about in the uk if ya wonna make it bit more bity 2 m8 get a 1/4 turn quick action throttle

  • Yeah I'm gonna give 46 a try, see the reason I chose 46 is because I left the front sprocket stock. I'll try it out and if it's too much I'll definitely drop it down to 45.

  • I heard - 1 in the front is equal to about +3 in the back, so - 1/+1 would be like +4 rear anywaym

  • Ye im running standard on front still 2 m8 im still just playing around with gearing myself trying 2 find wot i like if ya save the chart i posted up if 46t is 2 much but 45t isnt if ya do 45t u can work it out from that

  • Yeah thanks for the info man I really appreciate it.

  • Let use know how ya get on with the 46t m8 me n tim trying diff thing out at the mo