So I took a test ride on a 15 650 last Thursday Found it quite buzzy through...

So I took a test ride on a '15 650 last Thursday. Found it quite buzzy, through the seat especially at day to day speeds, and was underwhelmed with the performance tbh.

Also wasn't thrilled with the screen/wind management.

Also rode a 650 STrom, MT09 Tracer, Street Triple R, and Honda CB500F.

Any comments regarding addressing the issues that have worked for you?

  • Which was your choice on the day?

  • As a pure motorcycle / Cafe Poseur the STR wins hands down.

    For my usage though, I just can't go past the value as a package of the Tracer.

    Hard bags, centre stand, decent 2up ability, touring, TC, etc etc.

    It is by no means perfect, but I've got a great opportunity for a very good price too, so that helps.

    (Though I have a great price on the versys too)

  • Alot of people choose either the V or the tracer. I like the tracer but my gf finds it a bit too futuristic looking. (Never rode one mind). The P twin of the Ver does vibrate a bit, but it's nothing major. My friends 125 vibrates much worse. In truth, I don;t think any bike has the perfect stock screen. Even the V strom was horrid for me.

    I believe it all depends on what you like, after all your riding it. The Vers can two up easyly though and does have good mpg. I think it goes pretty well considering it's height and doesn't feel like driving a tank (strom). try a NC750X or the S version. Street triple is supposed to be good. Voted one of the best bikes 2015/6 :)

  • If you're not happy with the performance of the 650 V, look elsewhere. The Tracer is an 850, you'll probably be happier with that. Street triple has a great engine if that's the priority. I think vibration is in perspective, to me I've had other bikes that I felt this was an issue on, never even notice it on the V. My Hondas and BMWs have always felt the smoothest, look there.

  • This is my third year riding v650. Didn't like it at first, heavy, buzzing, rough 1st gear but honestly the more i ride it, the more i fell in love with it

  • Not felt any buzzing through the seat ! I did on my mk2 versys. As for the screen I found a givi touring screen made a huge difference . I believe the tracer is a very smooth bike would love to try one :)

  • Nothing wrong with the mark 3, it's a parallel twin, it vibrates! The new engine mounts and rubber mounted bars do a great job. I've just ridden 130 miles today with a group of bikes from FZ 600 to BMW GS and an Africa Twin. Ive got off the bike with no issues

  • If the Vibes will annoy. I forgot to mention you can do things to reduce it. Handle bar risers with anti-vibration rubber. Fott pegs with rubber mounts added etc. If you really want to vibrate ride a HD above 1200cc....or a single cylinder 1L engine. :) They are like jack hammers :D

  • So did you end up deciding one one?

  • I haven't purchased yet. Still leaning towards the Tracer at the moment.

  • No get a Versys u won't regret it

  • Darren Elbrow

    Have you ridden an mt09? Tracer or naked?

  • I don't thnk you're going to be as happy as we are with ours if those were your initial impressions and should look elsewhere, as you are doing. Sorry if I offend list members - I LOVE my bike, fits my riding habits perfectly, and is the best bike I've ever owned... apologies to my older BMWs and Hondas... but it's not going to get faster, more wind-neutral, or less buzzy.

  • Equally though, you do get used to things, and customise to suit and make it yours.

    I think I could live with it for sure, but as I've ridden other things, I've fallen out of love with it a bit. The Versys was initially my first choice.

  • Tim yes I have. I've had 15 different bikes. The Versys is the only bike I've bought two of, a new mark2 in 2010 and then my current mark 3 in December

  • 650 or thou Darren Elbrow?

  • What did you think of the MT09?

  • I just think if you're using the word "underwhelmed," it's not the right fit.

  • Jim Colbert I do think it was a restricted (LAMS / A2) model, so that probably took some snap out of it.

    I am thinking about another test ride. See if it feels different now that I've ridden a few bikes in quick succession.

    I haven't done a lot of riding recently and the V650 was first up.

  • Tim, 650. I couldn't justify the extra £4000 plus extra running costs

  • That's my dilemma.

    Ignoring the cost difference though. What did you think of the MT09 Darren Elbrow?

    PM if you'd prefer

  • And that was where I really fell in love with my Versys. My new, leftover 2013 was $4999. That was the point where it turned into a no-brainer for me. Writing a check versus filling out loan forms...

  • Actually, the price and financing at the time was why I chose my ZR7s over the Nighthawk 750, now that I think about it. Still have 'er, so it must have been a good decision!

  • Tim, if I was riding two up and using the bike as a toy I might have gone for the Tracer.,the other thing that put me off was that it didn't look finished around the fairing. The current Versys just looked so much nicer when sat on the bike. And as I spend a lot of time sat here, it had to look and feel right. Also the Versys has less electronics to go wrong

  • Darren Elbrow those were all selling points for me as well!

  • Jim, the finance package with the extras fitted and the fact is had s really good relationship with the dealer helped seal the purchase of my second bike

  • Darren Elbrow That would be the other thing for me - a dealer I REALLY like. Most of the dealers near me, I have issues with. I went an hour past my local Kaw dealer to work with one who I have nothing but praise for. Modern dealership with old school bike guys and customer service... love it!

  • Jim I've just got back from the dealer, I'd dropped a parking light bulb into the headlight, and almost set about taking all the front plastics off to shake the bulb out. The dealer got the bulb out without doing anything more than taking out the headlight bulb. Good old fashioned service

  • One thing to consider is ease of maintenance. A strom for example requires a full strip to change an air filter. The p twin, not so much :)

  • Personally I like less electronics, I'm just a cheap arse, fix it myself kind of guy. Would they make a difference, maybe. I'd probably not change the settings enough. (Bought pc parts that are customizable and haven't actually changed settings and profiles often). In hull,

    size is an issue too. Gridlock for 2miles is a norm so anything wide and I may as well get a car.

  • Treat it like I treat my shoes. They either fit or they don't. Waiting for things to stretch or give is a lie. :)

  • I commute everyday through Poole/ Bournemouth and it's gridlock most days. The Versys is skinny enough to hardly ever stop

  • I've only had parallel twin bikes so I think I'm just so used to vibrations that I hardly notice it and it seems normal. Getting on something smoother would probably feel weird haha

  • If I could afford it, the tracer is the one I would pick. I found a new versys for such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up

  • Although, the tracer is still a new platform so it has way more bugs and issues compared to the versys. I will give it a few years for Yamaha to work everything out and then that will probably be my next upgrade

  • Justin I've only had two 4 cylinder bikes, the rest have been twins

  • Kawasaki have some new competition. Yamaha have just announced a 700 twin Tracer based on the MT07, and it's about £600 less than a base Versys

  • Darren Elbrow I love the FJ-09, but the front end of the Tracer 700 looks pretty hideous (at least from the side) which kind of ruins it for me. I bet it rides amazing though. I really wanted the FZ-07 but it felt too small for my larger frame

  • The mt09 is worse

  • Darren Elbrow I dunno, I think it's more filled in and more aesthetically pleasing

  • Justin a friend has the Tracer and I think the Versys looks more finished

  • They both look a crock of shit. Question is, as any Facebook group provided so much advice