So I m going to look at a ZX 14R today I ve researched the hell out of this...


So I'm going to look at a ZX-14R today. I've researched the hell out of this bike and its competitors, and I've decided I want a stellar performing bike again. I'm bored with my BMW anyways. The only deciding factor will be if my fat A** is comfortable on the ZX.

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  • I'm 250 and at 6'6

  • What do you guys think? Does it fit? I thought it was comfortable as hell!

  • Comfort is key my brother and its fast

  • I guess I'm putting my BMW on Craigslist today.

  • Lol

  • That's a nice color here's my baby

  • Get a Concours 14 seat - it fits with minor bracket modification. :)

  • It's comfortable....Even more comfortable when it's

  • Most comfortable sport bike I've ever owned. Plus you can lower the rear and use helibars like I did to make it even more comfortable