• So I m going for a novice attempt to change the front brake pads Yeah I know...

    So I'm going for a novice attempt to change the front brake pads. Yeah I know, as basic and simple as it can get.

    Is there anything I should think of besides NOT to use the brakes once the pads are off?

    There is a removable clip and pad pin, are these reusable or do I need to replace them? Anything I should be inspecting while I'm at it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Not so basic if you want to do it perfectly, you'll need special tool, you need to clean the piston to shine before push it back, and better with some noise-reduce spray. The pin and clip is reusable.

    • If the pins are worn you will be able to see it, good to have spares on hand anyway.

      Clean all the shit out of the caliper, look for fluid leaking past the pistons and boots. And clean the disc while you're there.

      Don't use brake cleaner on the new pads, it can cause them to glaze apparently.

      You will probably need to push the pistons back into the caliper before everything will fit back on the disc.

      Use a bit of grease on the pins to lube them up after cleaning, and use a little bit of anti sieze paste on all the threads.

    • WARNING: Do not mix up left side axle spacer with right side axle spacer to avoid brake pads falling out of caloper & brake failure. Mark one spacer before disassembly.

      Personal experience.

      My 03 W has clocked 150,000 klms. Spark plugs, tryes, oil changes ever needed

    • As above. OK if R clip reusable.

      If pin corroded polish it up with some emery paper. Check out for deep grooving. If so scrap it. Otherwise, good to go.

      With scrap metal plate N G clamp pistons good to be pushed back. But check gemeral condition to pistons prior to this. At this juncture good time to replace brake fluid.

      BTW. Yu on original brake hose?.....

    • Don't use DOT5 oil. And if you would, don't mix it with any other DOT number.