So I got back from my trip and the Beast would not wake up I have put several...

So I got back from my trip and the Beast would not wake up. I have put several AGM batteries in it over the last few years. I read that i should check the voltage regulator connectors. I did. they are burned up. anyone have advise on an aftermarket upgrade?

  • the newer technology is suppose to be cooler .. not sure how much cooler. just got to keep water from getting in there on those connector plugs

  • Not sure if I need to replace this

  • Sure do

  • My '08 with 17k miles had this problem. The bike wasn't having any obvious symptoms. I found it when I decided to check as recommended by many. When I pulled the convector off and inspected the metal tabs simply disintegrated. Bought a new rectifier and a new connector. Cut the old connector off, added the new one, then sealed it all up with silicone. I've pit about 2k miles since without any problems.

  • Russell Rodgers , where did ya get the connectors?

  • Scott, I'll make a new post with the info in just a little bit. That way it won't get buried here and likely seen by more. I'll add your name in the comment so you'll get a notification and not have to search for it.

  • Thank you Russel, I am always looking for supply sources.

  • I made a new post about where I got my rectifier connector, but I'll add it here as well. One can never have too much info! sw-rectifier-connector.html

    Order the circled parts.

  • Thank you Russell Rodgers.

  • Troy V. Cordle