So I get the bikes out to tidy the garage and it rains. hurry up summer


So I get the bikes out to tidy the garage and it rains :( hurry up summer

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  • Yes lc4 e

  • Swapped the orange hand gaurds and side panels and seat for black. (Still have them) to make it a little meaner ;)

  • I have one if those too, although it a little sick at the moment. So you find it a bit heavy doe laning, or is that not your thing?

  • Yes it is heavy. Had a kdx200 in the past.way lighter and 2 Stoke. Very different ride to the ktm. Ktm is Such a good one though I can't bring myself to sell it.

  • What's up with yours?

  • It sits outside a lot, and although it has behaved in the past it won't ur without. The throttle held open. I'll get round to it. That and everything else! But yeah... love it!

  • Decided to make the pit bike a lookalike too :)

  • Ahh!! Brilliant!

  • Actually managed an hour out this afternoon ;)

  • Great. I spent the afternoon grit blasting callipers with an asthmatic air compressor. Got to be done though or I'll never get out!