so I found a small ma and pa glass and resin shop within 45 minutes of my house


so I found a small ma and pa glass and resin shop within 45 minutes of my house. they do one off or short order fiberglass, carbon fiber etc. I'm taking an oem hood, maier hood, side panels and maybe my aluminium rear master cylinder guard down and going to get a quote on carbon fiber. while I'm there I will see example pieces of other things they have made. Apparently they can do lower quality CF all the way up to high gloss automotive quality CF.

that being said I'm not promising anything. but if it's reasonable price I may go ahead. the owner told me that it's alot cheaper if you have a piece that they can make a mold off of versus creating a cad file from scratch. he tells that 5 pieces of any given product general will hide the cost of production.

side panels and rear master guard are straight forward. the hood however presents some options. I don't use a headlight for example because I run pvl. I will never use the oem headlight again as long as I live. BUT most people do use it. personally I like the maier hood the best. I definitely won't be making multiple arrangements. or alternatively we could totally change the look of a hood, for example check out quad tech ot carbon werx. if anyone is interested let me know what you would like to see. would be handy to get lots of feedback this weekend.

let me know what ya want and I will see what the best options are.....

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  • I would have likes that if it was actually built right in the hood instead of an add on. but rare and cool bone the less

  • Agree molded in be nice it takes some playing with to get fit nice typical meier fit this ones new fresh out bag i had a used one at one time sold on a t4 ,they break easy

  • That's awesome. Great job Derek.

  • I'd rather a stock type hood in CF than the maier one. I'd be up for side panels too!

  • thanks. don't get to excited yet. I will know more Monday. I will take pics of there examples. and maybe know cost

  • I understand. It's exciting to be a part of a group that has members like you that are willing to try and get this accomplished.

  • ya I hear ya. wait until the fruits of your labor start getting out there.....getting that frame to Mike@HRE was huge

  • I want a set of those a arms, lol

  • I want to know if I'm paying the tooling if I will get to keep the molds? anyone have any experience? ideally I'd like to have 1 prototype and be able to test fit that before we take potential orders.... in case adjustments need to be made. be really cool if we hit it right the first time...

  • You should be able to keep the molds. Most shops I've worked with have limited space and prefer custom molds be kept by the customer.

  • Usually they'll split the cost of the mold or build you the first piece for free if they plan to keep the mold.

  • starting out on bad note. Not going to make it to the shop today. Everyone is sick at he including me. 2 kids under 2 and mom and dad, first family ....have to really watch the young lady because she was born extreme premature. stay tuned I will get there

  • No problem, family comes first.

  • I had it week ago ended up at hospital...........hope you and family get well fast

  • Get well soon!

  • We were all sick on xmas day. Get well

  • Any updates on this Derek Raymo?

  • just waiting to see what going to happen with the new fenders from dave. I want to pit my money there first

  • I'm gonna message you some info.

  • guys check out wikid fabrication here on Facebook. thanks Dustin Sayne. I don't even think it's worth me going to do the ma and pa shop idea..? this guy is atv specific and his work is killer..... tell them what's in the works dustin

  • I've been talking with Wikid Fabrication and they've agreed to reproduce the Maier Hoods, stock side panels, and shrouds in gel coated fiberglass or carbon fiber? Is there any other small parts you guys would like reproduced? I may send a factory hood and headlight cover also.

  • Radiator cap cover

  • Derek would you be willing to send him your Maier hood? The one I have is beat.

  • I'll check with him on those.

  • OK, thanks

  • ed what kind of shape is your maier hood?

  • ya I could. we should send him the best possible one....

  • I just asked ed what kind of shape his is in

  • Thanks! I know shipping is a bitch for you. He's willing to work with the hood I have but it'll be a lot of extra work for him and I'm sure it'll show in the price.

  • Pretty good shape, maybe a small crack I'll have to check

  • Anyone have a nice Maier hood they'd be willing to loan out for a mold?

  • Carbon fibre side panels and shrouds would be sweet!!!

  • Dustin I think this weekend I should be able to dig out my maier hoods. I will send you pictures and decide who has the best hood. the snow went down a lot in the last 2 weeks so I can get into storage. Only 2 feet of snow now

  • Thanks Derek!