So how does the long distance 14s out there handle the trip Discussing a ride...


So how does the long distance 14s out there handle the trip? Discussing a ride with some friends to the grand Canyon and back...I have a 2003 decked out concours. ...just curious what you have on your 14s that make it more long distance comfortable. ...

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  • I have a gel pad on my concours. it made a big difference on it

  • I've ridden for 8 hours straight with a passenger and it was great. The ZX14R has very little vibration and very smooth ride.

  • It's technically a Hypersport touring. Alot of people will put after market seats and handle bar risers and will ride these things across country

  • I have a throttle lock, and 1" bar risers on mine- between the 2 It's really a huge difference on my 2012, also have the cortech sport bags, Tom Tom Rider GPS. 2 - 12 Volt accessory plugs mounted on dash on each side.

  • I have throttlemeister. Works well. Had another one on my 07, worked well, no real difference.

  • Yes Throttlemeister works best- a little pricy around 150 but well worth it

  • Stock bike and no problem for long distance... and I'm 50.

  • What CF or CI is in that pod? Fuel milage? Cost? Top speed?

  • A gel seat