So here is an odd something I fought and fought over the last month to get my...


So here is an odd something. I fought and fought over the last month to get my daughter a diagnosis. 3 wrong before someone got it right. Today, one of my very best friends, who lives in the next town (haven't seen her in weeks, though) took her daughter to the ped. for a fever and swollen feet and hands. Guess what her NP did after one look? Referred her for KD. Is that a weird coincidence that in 3 weeks, someone very close to me would also get it? Makes me think the Chinese tradewinds theory might hold some water.

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  • Freya was hospitalised in June 2015 - I found out sometime later that there were 4 cases in the hospital at that time, and three of them are from my town. Seems very odd when you hear of cluster cases, doesn't it x

  • Yes it does happen my friend and I were in with our sons 5 days apart with KD and we hadn't seen each other for a while so must have been environmental??