So for most folk in the north west hemisphere that s biking season over till...

So for most folk in the north/west hemisphere, that's biking season over till spring. What battery tenders do you guys all use? I've just bought the Oxford oximiser 900. I've read conflicting reviews so I'll just wait and see. What other things do you do to make sure the bike is in tip top riding condition come spring?

  • I use the Battery Tender Jr.

  • I've used battery tender; but prefer Yuasa, which has both charging and float indicator lights.

  • STA-BIL as directed in the gas tank, run it enough to get some thru the engine, fill the tank before storage to prevent rust. I use Battery tender Jr. Also. Keep the rubber down, be safe, have fun!

  • Battery Tender Jr here too. I have several, and the newer version is much better. Also Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer in the tank. Make sure its mixed well and run the bike to ensure it gets into the fuel lines. Regardless of miles, I like to change the oil and filter before storage. I also inflate the tire to the max PSI to minimize the flat spot from sitting. I then throw the rain cover over it, and its nap time for the bikes.

  • I ride all year round, heated clothing makes it toasty even on the coldest of days, as long as the roads are ice free,

  • Battery Tender Jr. here… but speak for yourself: I don't plan to stop riding until there's ice and salt on the ground. Heated jacket + heated grips = longer seasons. :)

  • Unfortunately in Scotland, salt can come as early as October. Eats the bike up.

  • I'll believe it when I see it.

    No, seriously, please ship me and my bike to Scotland in a crate so I can see it. I really wanna ride Scotland. ;)

  • Battery Tender, the original style. I put quick disconnects on everything. I wish I could say I faithfully remember to run Stabil or similar in the bikes, I certainly intend to and most years I do! I generally can ride up to about Thanksgiving, and squeeze days in here and there throughout the winter, so I don't go crazy with pre storage oil changes, parking on stands to save the tires, etc.