So a little over one month post KD and the additional joy that this disease is...


So a little over one month post KD and the additional joy that this disease is bringing beyond a cranky child, fear of fever and anxiety about her relapsing is now the medical bills rolling in. 10 days in the hospital and we are hitting over $70,000! Thank goodness for insurance but even with that the deductible and 10 percent after that is hitting us hard. I of course would pay any amount for my sweet girl to be healthy but man...KD just keeps giving.

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  • We have another heart echo Monday. Praying for good results.

  • Your telling me. I hate this disease not because of bills but because of how it effects my baby :(

  • Ours was over $150,000, and that was 19 years ago. They sent some of it to collections and it got written off!

  • Fill out the financial assistance paperwork. We didn't think we would qualify but we did! We were so relieved!

  • The initial bill when Paige was diagnosed was close to $175,000. That was 18 years ago. Because of her aneurysm and countless echos, nuclear stress tests, MRI's, CT's, cardiac caths, and then double bypass, her bills have totaled over $1 million dollars. Thank God for health insurance. We have still paid thousands out of pocket, but nowhere near a million dollars.

  • Check with the hospital. Many times they have programs for situations like this. We didn't have to pay anything for my son's stay because they had a special fund for rare diseases

  • Our medical bills topped out at $124,000 for KD. Two hospitals for nine days and a 70 miles ambulance transport. Then just over a week out of hospital with KD, we discover his Aspirin allergy. That two day hospital stint was $8500. Then allergy testing and a drug challenge for another $2000. $134,000 in medical bills for 2016. Insurance is amazing! $3000 deductible. Still might be on the hook for $1300 of the $2500 ambulance bill though. I'm in the appeals process with my insurance for that.

  • April Smaidris McCoy- Check to see what your annual out of pocket maximum is for your plan. Your 10% coinsurance should cap out at a certain amount. The Affordable Care Act made it law that there had to be limits on out of pocket costs for consumers. I am an insurance broker.

  • I'm in the exact same boat you are in. We're a little over a month out. Hugs!

  • Holy crap! What country are you in? We're in Australia, had 9 days in hospital with KD, had extensive tests conducted to rule out all other possibilities, had surgery to remove fluid from the inflammation in his hips as well and our only financial burden from it all was the 9 days of leave I had to take from work at the time. We've got it good in Oz! Sorry to hear that it costs you so much for life saving treatment