• Sidewinds. Is it just me or does the Zed not like them

    Sidewinds: Is it just me or does the Zed not like them?

    I went over the Humber Bridge on mine in a stiff wind once, with some mates, and nearly cacked myself. I was convinced I was going to end up going over the side. It seemed to go on forever and by the time I got to the other side I was shaking like crazy. I had to have a smoke break before I could continue. But the next time I went over, with no wind, I loved it! It was so good I turned round and did it again before crossing a third time and going home.

    • lol speed is wherever you feel comfortable, the 6 seems alot more vulnerable than the 1100

    • was always told to go sort of floppy at the top and let the bike sort it self out

    • Better control at speeds over 90mph..too many cops around though

    • More dodgy if something does go wrong though.

    • Some good advice there. Interesting theory about sticking a knee out.

    • Lower fairing

    • strangely enough that does seem to help up to a point

    • I have a fully faired zed but its my belly that catches the wind

    • I don't have that problem, I'm built like a pipe cleaner.

    • I had to ride through 80+ km/h winds in Tasmanain highlands one day. Loaded up with swag and camping gear strapped to the back seat. That really wasn't much fun.