• Siblings


    • Lol. He's been living feral. Poor thing was rust and muck. He's done over 53,000 miles and has a couple of bolts sheered of in the cam cover, there's a bit of a leek. He has an electrical problem so will cut out at sparse random times and was someones much used winter hack. His clutch basket is loose so he sounds like a bag of shook tools when started.. Until he warms up and he becomes smooth.

      Riding him, if he cuts out, thumb the ignition and he's back.

      Getting him to start - he'll start on the third attempt ( unless trying to impress another bike,,, he flirts).

      But once on the road..... He's like a willing horse, he takes you.,

      I swear he has a sense of humour too.

    • Oh, my! Poor Nigel. Good that his rider has a good sense of humour, as well.

    • He makes me laugh, he's a real character.

    • Ariana is more ladylike. Lol

    • Of course!

    • Ariana has a more twisted character??? :-P

    • She's like me. Lol

    • Nigel & Ariana, fine. But that third one may get jealous by now :-(

    • Lol Gertrude's the eldest and far too sensible.