Should I replace the battery or recharge it. What would you do


Should I replace the battery or recharge it? What would you do?

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  • And what battery? Yuasa or Motorbatt?

  • Depends on age and condition. If it had a few years on it and the bike is your daily driver get a new one

  • How old is it? Will it hold a charge? Has it been load tested?

  • If load testing is a problem, I'd put it on a trickle charger overnight and try it. If it fails, you need to replace the battery, or check the charging system, if the battery is fairly new.

  • Over four years old, replace it. Under, have it tested.

  • Replace when it starts to fail and is unable to recharge during normal ride. Yuasa always! :)

  • Ordered a new one. Getting a charger and a battery is almost the same price so opted for the battery

  • Climate, age, and bad charging eat batteries! In Texas temp range from 105f to 20f. Battery long life is 3 years. Subtract life for leaving the key on all night will decrease life due to hard starting with low battery.

  • Check if it is charging first

  • André Laranjo - I don't know about the market where you live; but I see 2 amp trickle chargers go on sale for very little cash occasionally. I suggest you watch for one, then you can put it on your new battery whenever it's going to sit idle for more than a week or so.

  • agreed. I paid 19 dollars for mine and it can plug in at handle bars to trickle charge. Wal-Mart or harbor freight. Its a good investment for any periods of inactivity etc. I hooked mine up once this winter. I recommend a sealed battery. Or gel battery some pl call them. Interstate makes the best batteries by far.

  • Am happy with the PR4s.Quick turn in.Grippy in the dry and wet.Had considered this alongside the Metzeler R01 but they were not in stock.The T30evos are popular as well.

  • I am using a CTEK after numerous flat batts.

  • If always battery flat, then there is something wrong with your charging system, check it

  • nope, first time the battery went flat. Installed an alarm a month ago but was using the bike every day no issues at all. Went on holidays and not used the bike for 1 week and the alarm was on all the time. When came back took a while to start the next day no start at all.

  • Chuck off that alarm.

  • already did!

  • My flat batts are due to 'inactivities'.