Shock horror Is it true what I ve just heard That the D models are restricted...

Shock, horror!! Is it true what I've just heard? That the D models are restricted and need ZXR750 carb tops? Is there a noticeable difference between the two outputs? Is the D that much of a better bike? Is it worth doing? :0

  • When my old Bandit 12 was restricted by the exhaust, I could tell immediately when I changed it - 20bhp must have some impact?

  • To be fair, an extra 20 bhp would make quite a difference to a B12, but as Bartholomeus said, the restricted ZZR1100 goes like a bat out of hell anyway, it'll pull into the red in top if you're on a German autobahn. The full power ones only go a few mph faster. I remember Performance Bikes tested their ZZR at 123bhp and 173mph. When they tested a derestricted one it topped out at 176.

  • Tbh, I would hope the extra horses went to more torque?

  • Not really, as it's all at the top end, max torque is at 8500 rpm.

  • Seems a real waste of time derestricting?

  • And a waste of time Kawasaki restricting

  • I'm not going to bother now. If I had the carb tops I would, but it's not worth the expense.

  • Kawasaki had to restrict as there was a voluntary 125 bhp limit at the time.

  • What period was that Roland?

  • I think from about 1986 to around 1996, but I'll check.

  • Interesting. Any spec website I have been on it lists the bhp at 148 for the C series.

  • my Haynes says 125 for the UK model, 147 for the US.

  • According to this as well. The Swiss and the Swedes are buggered :-P

  • I had a look but google just gives me the bhp for 125cc bikes. There was a 125bhp limit though.

  • 75 bhp...

  • Even the Germans only got 100bhp, even with their unrestricted autobahns.

    I do know German cars are / were limited to 250kph. (155mph)