Sheena Robinson shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.


What a load of bullox! (Pardon my French) lol

Actually it's about as French as the picture for this link... That's 1990's Peterborough!

Note to Colin Webb, That's north mate, even to me (by 20 miles lol) Paris is South hahaha

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  • More French/ EU nonsense !! Paris, where they built a tower and left the scaffold on it ! :D

  • Is it all bikes before 1999 or just the British 1s?

  • Not sure, it mentions coloured badges so not sure if it even applies to anything other than French bikes *shrugs shoulders*

  • Yeah I read that also I thought it may be the French trying to slap us in the face again like the Yellow vest you must carry in you car (not boot) for every 1 travelling to wear at the road side if you brakedown?

    As well as the breath testers you must carry in your car also

  • I thought this was already in force, anything over 9 years. Also coming to London soon.

  • Well I for one don't care, Paris and London are shite holes anyway !!!! Lol

  • So are pre-99 bikes banned from Peterborough too?

  • It's an emissions thing, bloody frogs ha ha

  • Should organise everyone to get an old stroker and tour them through paris (support vehicles closely behind).