She s alive


She's alive

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  • Nice 1 mate ☺

  • glad it now goes!!! :)

  • Awesome C model. have a c3 which has same colours.

  • Perseverance! Oh, and a great band of 'helpers' on tap :D Well done! I can feel a little West Mids ride-out coming on eh Darren?

  • fasters colours Tony

  • the down side Pat is although im from the black country i live in scotland now, not a bad idea tho haha

  • Don't worry Kevin, we'll come up there :D What part have you adopted?

  • Perthshire, biking country

  • All is right in the world!!! Fair play for staying at it!!!

  • its bin that long hes forgotten how to ride it?lol

  • Yep, nothing wrong with Perthshire, OR any part of God's 'other' country lol! Apart from a 2 nighter in Edinburgh in 2014 (cracking deal on Groupon) I've never biked there even though I've been holidaying there for 55 years plus (my big sis married a Fife man). Glad you're loving it :-)

  • I seem to remember Michael Ramsbottom mentioning the coil gap before you went on an ebay rampage Kevin, what happened?

  • Yea he did steve, but I had so many ppl sending me advice telling me there's would work it was try n see philosophy. Got there in the end thank god, time to ride her now

  • Yeah, did similar years ago, but it taught me to do research and make a list, divide list into free vs cost options, attack the free options first then mark 'em off as you go. Chalk it up as a learning experience; bikes are great teachers, even though they don't help or say much, lol (y)