She s a dirty girl But she s MY dirty girl Beautiful evening in State College...


She's a dirty girl. But she's MY dirty girl! Beautiful evening in State College, PA. In for some live theatre.

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  • Cool. That's where I work.

  • Small world! I didn't realize there was anyone that geographically close in the group.

  • I don't have the Versys anymore but I miss it. I rode a Versys 1000 a few weeks ago and was very tempted.

  • If you haven't already, you should check out Moto-hang, it'll start again in May. s-moto-hang-more/

  • Love the colour. We didnt get that here.

  • Best color

  • la mas linda !! y como mi moto

  • I know this is going to be a weird request but could you take a video getting on and off the bike with the case attached? I'm debating on getting the top case but worried that I won't be able to clear my leg over without kicking the case.

  • I can, but it won't be for a while... we've got a cold, rainy week in central PA and the bike is now buried in the garage behind my wife's scooters! Send me a PM later in the week and remind me. I'm just under 5-8" and I don't really have any issues, but it was definitely something I wondered about too!

  • I'm 5'9". I do some sort of wide kick to get my leg over the side bag but won't be able to if a top case is on it lol. I tried getting on and pretending there was a case, so I put my right leg up and sort of hopped on one foot until I was in the right place. Looked pretty goofy since my hubby was laughing at me while I did it. But getting off was even more difficult. Pretty sure I failed and would have kicked the case if it was there.

  • Rachel Morones side bag could complicate things! But I will definitely get you a quick video.

  • Lol, fantastic. Guess I'll just have to look like an idiot getting on/off the bike anyway. But, thank you! Hope it warms up soon for you! I rode my bike today to work even though it was a titty bit nipply out this morning.

  • That's dirty?

  • I only do sreet, so yeah, for me, that's dirty!