Shawn Spade shared Kawasaki USA's photo to the group: Kawasaki Z750 and Z800 Owners.


I want one too!

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  • Still don't know if I'm sold on the 800. I'm thinking about getting another bike but if I'm going to spend that money on a bike I might as well get the 1000.

  • The z1000 is my dream machine

  • I'm still looking for one for when I get to USA next month.

  • Shawn.. Z1000 or Z1000 SX?

  • I like the 1000 more than the sx

  • I love my z800. It was my first big bike since getting legal on the road about a year ago. Initially I found it a little hairy as I was getting to know it but now love it and ride it everyday with a big smile. I was out riding with 3 z1000's at the weekend and it has no problem keeping pace. Obviously can't compete top end but to be honest I don't care. Have no desire to be riding speeds over 150mph on public roads. So yes the z800 is a great bike and for me is ideal. I wanted a new ish sporty naked bike and had a budget. I too would like a z1000 but quite content to blast this beasty till I've at least paid for it.

  • I love my Z800 also :)

  • Shawn Spade I don't think there are massive differences between the 750 you ride and the 800. Bit more torque. Better vibration damping round the chassis and the suspension set up although partly adjustable is pretty much nailed out the box. Depends want you want. The current z1000 will offer loads more torque, loves popping up its front wheel. Haven't ridden one but on looks alone it's fucking gorgeous and mean in my eyes. The only real complaints I've heard is the rear shock is too harsh and probably the costliest upgrade to make it perfect.

  • Craig Whales baby it defo not ride the hell out of it

  • What you trying to say fat

  • Well what you think implying

  • Daniel Dalos

  • You hit all the check marks fan, I love the look of that bike,and the torque is a bonus.

  • Same colour scheme