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took the advice of Joss Burt, and Frank Moen for the under tail. bottom right picture is what was left of the original fender. Very happy with the result, I even managed to keep the cargo hooks.

  • Very nice. Greetings from a Norwegian in Valencia (Spain)

  • how's the racing going, hope your having a great time.

  • Valentino Rossi got second place. But we are happy with that. So to morrow mi going home to cold norway.. :(. But I've seen many many many Z750's. I'm in heaven. I want to ride my Z750 when I get home.. But I can't. :(. So to morrow I'm going to Mallorca, then to Berlin, then I'm going home to Norway.

  • safe trip friend.

  • Thanks. :)

  • Looks a lot better m8

  • thanks for the advice.